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~CBD products OEM~

・ Began CBD business operations in Japan in 2016
・ Commitment to safety and security by being made in Japan
・ Research and development by JCA Scientific Advisory Committee

Japan CBD Association

“A world without disease”

A greeting from Prof. Hitoshi Sato.

We are currently conducting advanced research to enhance the effectiveness of CBD.
We are conducting clinical trials using CBD for several diseases,
As well as applying for new patents on new CBD results and products.
(See video for details)

A Message from JCA Representative Director,
Takao Kawamitsu

In 2014 JCA began importing CBD raw materials into Japan.
(See video for details)

JCA technology
CBD Oil: Comparison with competitor products
CBD Cream: skin moisture result data


CBD cream (skin moisture measurement result data)


In "PDS hyaluronic acid" application
Skin moisture measurement result graph (N = 1)

• Equipment used: Moisture Checker; skin moisture measurement device (manufactured by Scalar II)
• Subject: Adult Female, 46 years old.
• Test method: The test area was the inside of the right forearm. A test area of 2×2mm was measured for moisture content before product was applied. The product was uniformly applied to the designated test area at an application density of 1.25 μℓ / ㎝2. The test room, the room was climate-controlled with a temperature and humidity set to be constant at a temperature of 25 ° C and humidity at 51%. 


In "PDS hyaluronic acid" continuous application
Skin conditioning effect (N = 1)

• Equipment used: Microscope Video Loupe VL-7EX (manufactured by Scalar Corporation)
• Subject: Adult Female, 46 years old.
• Test method: The neck with dry skin was used as a test area, the state of the skin was photographed before application with a microscope. An appropriate amount of product was applied to the test area once a day for four weeks. Four weeks later, the state of the same test area was again photographed with a microscope and compared to the image from before product testing.  

Poland's worldwide testing organization
Wrinkle improvement data of our cream


JCA Chemical Advisory Committee

CBD has much potential beyond modern medicine.

We are committed to the JCA mission, “A world without illness.”

Support through CBD research and development.


Professor at the Showa University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Dr. Hitoshi Sato.

■ Profile
• Professor at University of Tokyo Faculty of Pharmacy
• American National Institutes of Health (NIH)
• Cancer Institute (NCI) Researcher
• Visiting Researcher at the Swiss Basel Institute (Sandoz Pharma)
• Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo
• Professor at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Showa University (Department of Clinical Molecular Pharmacology)
• Japan CBD Association, Inc. Director
• JCA Special Advisor

June 1996
Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Hokuriku Branch Research Encouragement Prize "The role of receptor-mediated endocytosis (RME) in the pharmacokinetics of bioactive peptides"

May 1997
MH Forum Sweepstakes Winner “Development of PC Tools to Support Ward Operations”

November 1998
Japanese Society of Pharmacokinetic Science Encouragement Prize "Elucidation of the pharmacokinetic control mechanism of peptide drugs and physiological model analysis"


Dr. Takayoshi Imai

■ Profile
• Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Tokyo Medical University
• Director of Municipal Nemuro Hospital
• Akishima Hospital Director
• Acting President of the Holy Cross
• Japan Care Supply Auditor
• Director of Japan-China Youth Training Association (medical welfare)
• Well Aging Association General Manager
• Proposed the formation of the Longevity Society and Cultural Association (WAC)
• Founder of World Health and Longevity Society
• Advisor of Japan CBD Association, Inc. 


Dr. Naomi Hoshiko

■ Profile
• Director of Hoshiko Clinic
• Graduate of Tokyo Women's Medical University School of Medicine
• Graduate of Kumamoto University School of Medicine
• Radiation and industrial physician specialist
• Doctor of health Sports Medicine
• Certified by the Japanese Society of Clinical Anti-Aging Medicine
• Licensed aroma coordinator
• US ISNF officially certified supplement advisor
• Advisor of Japan CBD Association, Inc. 


Saito Family Dental Director

■ Profile
• Assistant Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
• After serving as Deputy Director of Oral Surgery, Kashiwa Kosei General Hospital
• Director of Fami Saito Redental
• Viadrina Visiting Professor, German State University
• Oral surgeon
• Japan Preventive and Alternative Medicine Promotion Association
• President of the Japanese Society of Hypnosis and Applied Medicine
• Japan Hypnosis Society Director
• Advisor to the Japan Society for the Promotion of Health
• Director of the Japan Oriental Dental Society, Certified Physician
• Chairman of Japanese Society of Oral Supplements
• Advisor of Japan CBD Association, Inc. 


Director, Sugihara Clinic, Medical Corporation

■ Affiliated academic society / research society
・Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
・Japanese Society of Gastroenterology
・Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society
・Japan Society for Medical and Environmental Ozone
・Japan Umbilical Cord and Placenta Study Group
・Bioresonance Medical Society
・Japan Teletherapy Study Group
・Holotrovic Network


Professor at Hoshi Pharmaceutical University, Dr. Seiji Shioda

■ Profile
• Showa University University School of Medicine
• Visiting Professor, Tulane University School of Medicine, USA
• 1983 Lecturer, Showa University School of Medicine
• Professor, School of Medicine, Tulen University, USA
• Specially Appointed Professor at Hoshi University


Department of Shinto Studies, Kogakukan University, Dr. Hitoshi Nitta

■ Profile
• Assistant Professor, Kogakukan University
• Academic Affairs Committee member
• Japan Culture Research Group member
• Shinto Shrine Academic Affairs Committee member
• Shinto Shinpo Editorial Writer
• Shinto History Society Member
• Councilor of Meiji Shotoku Memorial Society
• Advisor of Japan CBD Association, Inc. 

Kogakkan University and Mie Shrine Society Cultivation Isema Promotion Association


Product development

We provide original CBD products. Our product is designed between a group of scientists and us, the product vendor. We then chose a manufacturer with the technology we feel can bring out the most potential in the CBD product.
We have produced our own original formula using specific technology for the manufacturing process.

Product development projects


We have tied-up with a raw material manufacturer (all extracted from plants) witch has a history of over 100 years manufacturing pharmaceutical products.
Our CBD product uses powerful ingredients proven by clinical data to be equivalent to that of typical pharmaceuticals.



Mr. Kawamitsu, who has been training companies in the distribution industry for many years using sales psychology; Promoting sales according to the market of the company.

In sales and promotion there is no such thing in any industry as "the product sells just because it is good". This is the same in the CBD market as "the CBD sells even if it is silent in a green rush". Accurate sales promotion is always required. Our representative, Mr. Kawamitsu, will be a consultant for the Efficient CBD Market Creation. Mr. Kawamitsu will assist in creating promotional materials using accumulated data, media, and overseas information.

Lecturer introduction: Takao Kawamitsu

• Sales psychology Expert
• Second-generation manager, increased sales ten-fold in five years.
• Developed a new business nationwide.
• Guided an import-export company from bankruptcy into a stable trajectory for business growth.
• Has consulted for over 300 foreign and domestic companies, including:
 ◦ Hitachi HiSoft (Hitachi Group),
 ◦ Glaxo (GlaxoSmithKline),
 ◦ China Travel Agency (Semi-government and semi-private largest in China), etc.

CBD courses are provided by JCA Scientific Advisory Committee scientists. Conventional nutrition does not cover all applications of CBD. New knowledge such as endocannabinoid system is necessary. JCA provides that education.

2016 Louvre Museum "Innovation Cosmetic Fair" exhibit of OEM products from four of our trading companies.

2016 Louvre Museum "Innovation Cosmetic Fair"
Exhibit OEM products from four of our trading companies


Highest quality raw materials

In the past serious contamination such as THC, heavy metals, pesticides, and radioactivity has been found in many CBD materials. With years of research, we have source materials from some of the safest and highest quality raw materials in the world. For safety and security our CBD product is sent to be checked by analysis of several third party companies including Eurofin, a worldwide analysis organization.

• Note, confidential information has been censored.

According to DRG, a global pharmaceutical research company
"30% is accurate on CBD products. THC is detected from 20%."


Company Profile

We provide the world's highest quality products at an affordable price.
By thorough cost management, we have implemented a "low cost company".

company nameJapan CBD Association, Inc.
head office〒900-0024  3-12-12 Kobura, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, 900-0024 JAPAN
Tokyo branch2-31-13-202 Honcho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, 164-0012 JAPAN
RepresentativeTakao Kawamitsu
EstablishmentJanuary 2016
Capital5 million yen
Business descriptionOEM (ODM) contract production
Tel & Fax number+81-98-955-0174
BankMizuho Bank, Japan Post Bank, SBI Sumishin Net Bank

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